Caring for Colored Clothes

Published: 31st August 2011
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Vividly colored clothes look adorable on kids. Unfortunately, they are a bit of a problem to wash. Colored baby clothes that are not colorfast can bleed or run and stain other clothes. You have to be extra careful in caring for brightly colored baby clothes.


To wash colored baby clothes, first check the care instruction on the label. That should give you an idea whether to pop the clothes in the washing machine, wash it by hand, or have it dry-cleaned. The care instruction may also let you know if it is safe to wash the clothes with whites or other light colored items.

Next, sort the clothes according to color. Dark colored pieces such as blues and greens may be washed together. The same goes for yellows and oranges. For items that have nothing to go with, wash them separately.

Hand-wash items that need to be manually laundered using cold water and baby-safe, color-safe detergent as well.

Put clothing items that should be machine-washed in your washer. Launder them using cold water and a baby-safe, color-safe detergent, and then run the clothes on the gentle wash cycle.

Do not let the clothes sit since it could cause the colors to seep onto other items. Hang your baby’s clothes out to dry as soon as you are done. Avoid using the dryer as it can cause clothing items to fade faster and dull the color. It could also cause stains to set.

Removing Stains on Colored Baby Clothes

Removing stains on colored baby clothes is a daunting task and a delicate balancing act. You have to make sure the stains are removed without damaging the color.

To safely remove stains on colored baby clothes, try soaking the stained areas in a laundry pre-treatment or stain remover first before washing them. Let the pre-treatment or stain remover sit and work on the stain before you wash the clothing pieces.

Wash the clothes according to care instructions, using baby- and color-safe laundry products of course. If there are still stains on the clothes, simply repeat the whole process.

Keeping Colored Clothes Bright

Keeping your baby’s colored clothes bright is important because dull and faded colored pieces are just not as attractive. Colored clothing items can fade pretty quickly if you do no care for them properly.

To keep baby’s colored clothes bright, avoid laundering them more than they need to be laundered. It is a common practice of many people to simply throw clothing into the laundry basket after use. Not only does this habit cause you to spend more time washing, folding and ironing clothes, it also causes colors to dull quickly. Your baby’s shirts and sweaters can be worn a number of times before it is necessary to wash them, especially if he or she only wore them inside the house.

Wash colored baby clothes in cold water since warm or hot water can cause the dye to run from the fabric faster that cold water.

Use only the gently cycle on your washing machine. Stronger cycles can cause clothing pieces to hit each other while in the wash. What’s more, the sheer fore of the cycle causes clothes to move in the soapy water quickly. These factors affect the dye’s staying power on the clothes.

Do not overstuff the washer with clothes. Overstuffing keeps your load from getting cleaned properly and can damage the clothes.

Lastly, always air-dry colored clothes since the dryer’s heat can affect the on the dye use in the clothes.


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